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I'm in Fayton Heath everyone! Beautiful place, really.
I drive to the woods up the road too, pretty often.
They have like an acorn farm there, with nets underneath the trees, catching any falling acorns. I visit Gamley-on-Sea too, very nice place. It's the eastern land's end of the UK.
People in Caldshire really appreciate the sight of me, they seem to love Spectras. :)
You should visit Caldshire too some time, it's a really lovely place!
At 14:00 I'm always at Fayton Heath Garage, so if you'd like a ride to somewhere, just come there at that time, and I'll be there! I was painted in the 2000s Stagecoach Beachball livery, and I've been equipped with everything Stagecoach. Stagecoach-moquetted seats, Stagecoach Blue-coloured dashboard, Stagecoach floor, Stagecoach branding and Stagecoach rollblinds!

My FellowsFilm: LeylandNationalStagecoach
My BritBus: OptareDeltaStagecoach
My Reddit:
My twitch:


- OptareSpectraStagecoach


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