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Arriva Pack - SP Lite V1.2

Arriva Pack - SP Lite V1.2 1.3

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Part of Zephyr Studios

This repaint pack is made to represent some of the Arriva liveries worn by the StreetLites around the UK. Some fictional reskins are included as well as real, route branded ones. This pack includes repaints 10.8 & 11.5m variants.

Some of these reskins may be more familiar to those who live around the North East of England. However working in co-operation with a few friends from the southern region, I will be able to add some that will be closer to home of people who live in the south of England.

The liveries that are based off IRL liveries will be set to their specification, meaning the Arriva Sapphire 10.8m, which will have branding for Faverdale's 1/5/5A will only be available on the Daimler chassis as per real life.



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Latest updates

  1. More liveries. Finally.

    Adds Old Sapphire on 11.5m Cummins chassis with unbranded and 22/23/24 branded being featured.
  2. More liveries. Finally.

    Brings the addition of MAX and Low Carbon! Fixes 11.5m Daimler Journey Mark livery not showing up.
  3. Interior Update, Exteriors too!

    Now featuring an updated Journey Mark exterior for both 11.5m chassis and Sapphire 1/5/5A...

Latest reviews

wow i love the repaint it looks smart for the streetlite bus and i wish there was one for the double decker buses and the brand new buses.