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BoTW 'Dayglo' Blindset for the CMB Leyland Fleetline

BoTW 'Dayglo' Blindset for the CMB Leyland Fleetline 1.1

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Required Assets
CMB Leyland Fleetline by FF3170:
Farthington Demo (Highly recommended for Dayglo numbers):

Have you ever wanted to take in the beautiful scenery of the Devon countryside on the 35 in a smog-producing, semi-automatic Leyland Fleetline from the 70s, fitted with 'modern' rollblinds from the 90s? No? Well with this blindset and .hof file, now you can if you really wanted to!

This new .hof and set of rollblinds has been created for the China Motor Bus-spec Leyland Fleetline - in retrospect, a truly underrated vehicle in OMSI 2. These have been tried and tested, and passengers should board the bus when the correct blinds are displayed. See below for some examples of blind format.

If there are any problems, please enquire with me in to the feedback section. I haven't really touched this mod in a bit, and I've been recently inspired to work on the Fleetline again, so if the mod doesn't work, please inform me promtly.

Have fun! With this out of the way, I plan on working on blinds for Yorkshire Counties and on repaints for the Fleetline itself. As always, stay tuned.
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