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Bowdenham (LHD)

Bowdenham (LHD) v4

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Required Assets
MERC Vario by DavidR, Thiago, Krtz07

Mercedes O520, O530 & O503G V2 by alterr

MAN UEL by Perotinus

Stadtbus O305

Volvo 9900 by toastmeister

Scenery Objects
Leitplanke 1.0 ("Crash Barrier") by janniboy

Fix with all repaints

Kruger mod
This is the original Bowdenham v4. Permission given by Dazza1980 (Original author) to upload here*.

official map trailer from the original author

The repaint pack is included. Original Credits go to:
  • MarkHodgekinson
  • xdanflyerx
  • XxJ0RD6NxX
  • Sinnerman
  • Fleetline7221
  • Omnicity43
  • Adrian
Welcome, as always, to Bowdenham! Thank you for taking the time to download the latest version of Bowdenham. Bowdenham V4 is only available for OMSI 2 and will not run in OMSI 1. Make sure you have the latest build of OMSI 2 to make full use of this map which at the time of the maps release is 2.1. Please make some time to read through this document to assist you in making sure that Bowdenham V4 installs correctly and runs without any issues. As with all previous versions of Bowdenham, this map remains a Freeware map available to everybody and free to modify for your own personal use. You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission. Please bear in mind though, I will only support this map on the AussieX forums and will not provide support for any modified versions of Bowdenham V4.

I will not be held for any liability if your OMSI installation fails after this map has been installed.

For me the creation of Bowdenham V4 has been a labour of love, and at many times hatred! With the release of OMSI 2, I had many wild dreams and plans for this version, which has taken a huge amount of frustrations and time to bring to you. For those people who are new to Bowdenham, this project has been ongoing from the very early days of OMSI 1 and has been largely created by myself. That said, there has been plenty of inspiration, ideas and support from the members at AussieX without which Bowdenham would not be the map you see today. Thank you to all members at AussieX for this support and encouragement.

About Bowdenham V4
So what's new in V4? Well, the main focus on V4 is the use of the chrono feature. This feature allows the map to change and evolve through time. Bowdenham V4 is set over a 35 year period in which you will see the route network change from a simple set up to a complex interworking group of routes. There are 15 periods in which you will encounter changes to the bus network. As well as the new chrono feature, there are some new areas to explore such as between Wotton and Herefield, and also between Wotton and Monkton. There are also a number of minor changes and updates to the scenery to incorporate new pieces of scenery objects. Throughout Bowdenham, you will also see some of the scenery change over time as well as the AI traffic and AI buses.

For more information on the map, please read the read me included in the download.

Bowdenham V4 Ambulance fix: - BowdenhamV4Ambulancefix.rar

* - This has been verified by our staff team. Any other issues regarding re-uploading content are the responsibility of the re-uploader.
Boxman Josh
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest reviews

i just got a Trojen warning and a macafee data breach and i dont even have macafee why ?
this is a smashing map awesome!!!
Glad to finally get this map after looking everywhere. Thanks!
Thanks it so so hard to find well done
Boxman Josh
Boxman Josh
You're most welcome I hope you enjoy playing it
This saves quite a few people from the pain of not having any repaints or working buses on this map. I personally only learnt how to install maps about a year ago so I missed out on it. Much needed here!