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[CR Studios] The Green Bus ALX400 Pack

[CR Studios] The Green Bus ALX400 Pack 1.0

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All content remains property of myself, ctrainz124. Please do not redistribute this package, or use for anything other personal use, without prior, written permission
Required Assets
Transbus ALX400 Regional

Transbus ALX400 London
The Green Bus ALX400 Pack

This pack includes eight repaints for the following:

Transbus ALX400 Regional:

The Green Bus - 107
The Green Bus - 109
The Green Bus - 110
The Green Bus - 129
The Green Bus - Ex-Travel De Courcey

Transbus ALX400 (London):

The Green Bus - 117
The Green Bus - 118
The Green Bus - 120​

Installation Instructions
1) Open the archive in Windows Explorer/My Computer. Select the 'vehicles' folder inside the archive, then right click and select copy from the pop-up menu.

2) Open a new My Computer window and navigate in to your OMSI root directory. This will vary depending on where you have installed your copy. By default this will be:

- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2

3) You may see one or more pop-up windows requesting permission to merge/overwrite existing files and folders. You should select "Yes to all", "Yes, do this for all current items" or similar.

4) You will find the repaints listed in OMSI 2's bus selection menu. If you can't see it in OMSI, **please check you have all the required dependencies installed properly** and redo installation from step 1 above, before requesting support. If you spot any bugs, before reporting please check they haven't already been reported on the file's Virtual Bus support thread.

Known Issues

- Inaccuracies with the dual door variants. This will be sorted in a future update​
First release
Last update
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