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East Yorkshire Motor Services Repaint for the Farthington Fleetline

East Yorkshire Motor Services Repaint for the Farthington Fleetline 1.1a

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Required Assets
CMB Leyland Fleetline by FF3170:
Farthington Demo:
London Transport repaint by seppdemba

East Yorkshire Motor Services operated various Fleetlines back in the day, including the NKH 852-857F batch back in 1968, a year before their buyout and nationalisation by the National Bus Company. This repaint is a representation/recreation of those buses for OMSI 2, going down to the most minute detail in order to ensure period accuracy where it is possible.

This is, right now, a repaint of the old, pre-NBC EYMS livery (that was also featured on the East Yorkshire Routemasters), based loosely off of the NKH 852-857F batch. I have used the London Transport beige/cream interior by seppdemba to get a more period and accurate look for the interior, and logos and other text on the vehicle have been painstakingly scratchmade with a slight degree of artistic license based from various references. This repaint also includes an optional replacement of fleet numbers and registration plates - if you don't want that to be irreversibly replaced, make sure you back up the "" file before installation.

Please note that this repaint requires the installation of seppdemba's London Transport repaint, linked in the 'dependencies' section above. Follow the installation instructions in the readme carefully to correctly install the interiors.

I plan to add additional repaints as time goes on. Right now, I'm in the planning stage to make the two National Bus Company liveries East Yorkshire Fleetlines/Atlanteans wore in the day, and possibly, the post-deregulation liveries as well, depending on how good my repainting abilities are, and maybe, at the end of this, I might just start making more Fleetline repaints. Stay tuned!

Included in 1.0
  • EYMS - Pre-NBC Primrose and Blue (1926-1969)
Included in 1.1
  • NBC East Yorkshire 'Transitional' Blue (1969-1970s)
  • NBC East Yorkshire Poppy Red (1970s-1986)
  • Original Fleetline by FF3170, Farthington modifications by Whistlehead
  • References for repaints by various Flickr users, EYMS website, model makers
  • Beige/cream interiors by seppdemba
  • Livery by Hullian111

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