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EYMS Liveries Pack for the Masterswitch Gen 3

EYMS Liveries Pack for the Masterswitch Gen 3 1.1

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2015 marked the beginning of EYMS' three-year relationship with the B5TL chassis, with three examples bought by the company, two of them being ex-Wrightbus demonstrators and one of them being the first production MCV Evoseti. From there on out until buyout from Go North East in 2018, B5TLs, albeit mounted on the MCV EvoSeti body, made up the new backbone of the fleet, with two batches being delivered for long-distance services across nearly all East Yorkshire depots over the course of 2017. This pack, initially starting out with the ex-Wrightbus demonstrators, aims to faithfully recreate those B5TLs as accurately as possible - even in the absence of an EvoSeti.
I've held off on it for a while now since it first came out last year, however I knew I couldn't hold back this finished job any longer - this is a livery pack for Masterswitch Studios' Gen 3 Pack which, in version 1.1 features both a (at my own estimate) 95% authentic recreation of EYMS' ex-Wrightbus demonstrators 796 (BF63 HDC) and 797 (BX14 SYT) for the B5TL G3, and both standard and X46/121 route-branded variants of the B5TL G3 'Stealth'. Exteriors and interiors have been recreated as accurately as possible, the G3 with the permitted aid of Jem's BX64 TJV repaint as a reference, with what limited references I have for both buses - there are some features that I acknowledge are missing from the repaint, and as such, I hope to add those missing parts in a final update.

See below the plan for this pack:
  • 1.0: EYMS B5TL G2s - Standard & Route 66
  • 1.1: EYMS B5TL G3s - Standard, X46, 121, 800 (BP66 VLC, 'Paul Sainsbury')
  • 1.2: EYMS 793 (BP15 OLH) in X46 livery, 2019 fare rates sticker variants
As such, stay tuned for these future updates to this pack! I've been waiting to finally get to making this pack for a long time, and I hope to have it finished before, at most, the year is out.

  • Please Let Buses Pull Out sticker by Frosty
  • Interior Refrences by Jem, Kameron Allan and Mark Hall
  • References for liveries by various Flickr users (inc. dearingbuspix, Daniel Graham & Gaz's Bus Pics)
  • Livery by Hullian111
G3 'Stealth' B5TL
  • Please Let Buses Pull Out sticker by Frosty
  • Interior Refrences by MCV Bus and Coach, dearingbuspix and Lloyds Bus Pics
  • References for liveries by various Flickr users (inc. dearingbuspix and Andrew Wickham)
  • 121 logo references by East Yorkshire Motor Services publicity
  • Sticker references by pngwing (electrical sticker sign), TfL Branding Standards and MCV Bus and Coach
  • Livery by Hullian111
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