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First West of England (Bristol, Bath and West) Repaint Pack

First West of England (Bristol, Bath and West) Repaint Pack V1

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Required Assets
Studio Polygon's Lite V1.2:

Hello and welcome to my First West of England Lite pack!

When you click that lil download button you'll see 2 options; 2K or 4K. If you have a machine that has a decent amount of RAM, then I'd suggest using the 4K option as you will get higher quality repaints. However, if you don't have a lot of RAM or you're using the repaints for AI lists, then I'd recommend the 2K for faster loading times and a less laggy experience, or you could just install both! XD

When you load up the bus in question, you will see that I have made 2 different variants of each repaint that has them in real life; one with and one without ads. This gives you the option to have the side and rear ad boards on or off. You choose, realistic or pretty!

If you spot any issues with this pack then please let me know! Feedback is greatly appreciated to make this pack more realistic and bug/issue free. If you would like to report and issue, then let me know either by joining the Xero Studios Discord server, or write me a message on Fellowsfilm and I'll make sure to get back to you!

Now all the boring writing stuff is out of the way, feel free to have a look below at all of the variants included in this pack.

All liveries:
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Flickr for saving me from going out :kappa:
Various people on the Xero Discord for helping out
First West of England for some fleet maps
First release
Last update
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