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Go North East Pride

Go North East Pride V2

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Required Assets
Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK

MS Hanover mod- UK Mercedes-Benz Citaro
This pack contains one of the latest Go North East Pride livery. Go North East is known for supporting the LGBT community and every year they attend the Pride events at both Newcastle and Sunderland. Currently, Go North East have three Pride buses in their fleet which all carry a similar livery and operate in different parts of the North East. One of which is a Mercedes Citaro which is based at Sunderland and this is the one I have decided to recreate. The brightly coloured livery shows the importance of unity and celebrating diversity in the North East. Like all my other repaints I have also included another custom display that allows you to display the older Go North East logo.

In order to use the custom display, you will also need to download the MS Hanover mod (you can find links to this mods in both the README file and above).

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