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[JN] Yellow Buses Gen 3 Repaint Pack

[JN] Yellow Buses Gen 3 Repaint Pack V2.0

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MS Studio's Gen 3 Pack:


Let's have a mini pack to get back into this. With a collection of the five generations of the YB livery for the Gemini 3 (from the original Shell livery, to the newer 3 and 5 brandings), these high-quality repaints are sure to fill your simulator with colour.

All exteriors are completed to inch-near accuracy with the original mock designs and original assets. However, some known issues/inaccuracies include: low-res floor textures, yellow sparfax mirrors, some missing interior decals.

If you've got any other queries, just pop a message over here or @JONESS_des on twitter.​
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Good Repaint keep up the good work
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