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[JR316] Arriva Gemini 3 Repaint Pack

[JR316] Arriva Gemini 3 Repaint Pack 2.0

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Required Assets
Gemini 3 Pack from Masterswitch Studios:
[JR316] Arriva Gemini 3 Repaint Pack


10.5M Volvo B5LH Pre-stealth
- Arriva Greenway
- Arriva Interurban
- Arriva Journey Mark
- Arriva Journey Mark v2

10.5M Streetdeck Pre-stealth
- Arriva Interurban
- Arriva Interurban v2
- Arriva Journey Mark
- Arriva Journey Mark v2


Step 1: Go to #:\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2\Vehicles

Step 2: Drag and drop the "Vehicles" folder from the .zip to your Omsi 2 folder

Step 3: Load Omsi and enjoy.

More repaints will be added in the near future

An update will be released in the near future!

**Do not re-upload anywhere else**



First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Compatability update for MS G3 pack

    - Compatability update for MS G3 pack - Added Sapphire repaints
  2. More repaints and minor fixes

    Added repaints: 10.5M Volvo B5LH Stealth - Arriva Hybrid 10.5M Volvo B5TL Pre-Stealth - Arriva...

Latest reviews

Fantastic repaint, the hybrid liveries are my favourite. A brilliant job. Keep it up
Excellent repaint pack - I really like the Greenway hybrid!
Thanks very much, appreciate the kind words
Great repaint pack- only thing is wondering if you’ll be doing an update with front wright logos for the old style Gemini 2 as the setvar thing for it changed in an update
Fully aware of the G3 pack update, I will release an update with the setvar as well as more repaints for the G3 series in the future, however recently have not had a lot of time to do any work on the repaint pack
Brilliant repaints but the mirrors are showing up white instead of yellow.
I am fully aware of the mirror issue, I have already addressed this twice now, just some people don't know to read. Glad you like the repaints, if you refer to the download page and the bit of text in bold to fix the mirrors for the time being until i update the pack
Nice but i noticed that you put the setvar's twice on each repaint
wouldn't be surprised, I'll sort it for the update :)