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[JR316] Arriva Kent and Surrey E400MMC Livery Pack

[JR316] Arriva Kent and Surrey E400MMC Livery Pack 3.2

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Required Assets
Studio Polygon Enviro 400MMC DLC:
[JR316] Arriva Kent and Surrey E400MMC Livery Pack


- Arriva Southend Corporation Heritage
- Arriva Interurban
- Arriva Journey Mark
- Arriva Sapphire (6517)
- Arriva Sapphire 700 branded
- Arriva Sapphire Plain
- Arriva Sapphire (6526)
- Arriva Sapphire 320
- Arriva Hopper Bus


Step 1: Go to #:\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2\Vehicles

Step 2: Drag and drop the "[SP] Studio Polygon 400MMC" folder from the .zip to your vehicles folder

Step 3: Load Omsi and enjoy.

**Do not re-upload anywhere else**



**All content is my own and can not be used on any other repaints, colours, logos, everything can not be used or released by other people or re-uploaded to other sites due to copyright**
First release
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Lovely repaint Jonny, can't wait for more!
Thanks very much, really appreciate it.
Great high quality repaints Jonny, looking forward to seeing some more from you!
Thanks ever so much, really appreciate it. Likewise my friend ;) Keep those GNE repaints coming!