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Kruger Mod for the Citaro O530

Kruger Mod for the Citaro O530 v1

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First release
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4.50 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest reviews

Love it. How do I use *NH> command for Cotterell. I don't know where to put it?
Just wanted to ask, are you going to make a version for the articulated variant?
There is one in the works yes but im having some issues with Scripts when they are fixed i will be updating it
great mod but just want to say the route numbers on the wrong side
Hi Its not the wrong side it can be either in the UK IE Trent Barton & Transdev prime example You can change the destination using the *NH> command
Good mod didn't realise it removes the side destination board though
Hi yes it does as the Author moved the orignal Citaro Destination board & i have come to the conclussion with the testing time that it was okay to remove the side as most people look at the front anyways rather then the side though if i can get it back i will
Amazing addition to the bus, thanks. :D
Fantastic Mod. <3