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Leland's Mega advert pack

Leland's Mega advert pack 3

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Please Credit me if used in your repaint.
Hello! I have decided to release my advertisment pack, Including mostly all adverts (I am missing a few due to them never being on my local buses) from 2020-2021.

These should hopefully help add that extra kick of realism to your repaints.

Thank you for choosing to view this download.
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Latest updates

  1. Complete overhaul, months worth of adverts added.

    Hiya! Been a while since I updated this, This update will add the rest of the remaining 2020...
  2. Leland's Mega advert pack V2

    Hi! This update consists of some 2019 adverts. Some are missing as I've not had time to import...

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Amazing bus mod keep up the good work