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Leyland Fleetline Regional British Repaint Pack

Leyland Fleetline Regional British Repaint Pack 1.0

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Required Assets
CMB Leyland Fleetline by FF3170:
Farthington Demo:
London Transport repaint by seppdemba (though minor, required for a working dashboard)

Ah, the late 90s-early 2000s. With the crazy era of deregulation coming to a close with the rise of privatisation, around the country, Arriva, Firstbus and Stagecoach had laid their claims on the former municipal and independent bus companies, either by buyout or bus war. And these claims are made clear by the repainting of older buses into the new corporate liveries of the time. Now, you can live out your bus war fantasies in OMSI 2 with a Fleetline livery pack that takes you back to that era!
This is a repaint pack of the 1990s liveries of what I call the 'Big Three' operators for the CMB Leyland Fleetline - included in this pack is Arriva's 'Cotswold Stone', First's 'Barbie 2', and Stagecoach's 'Stripes' liveries, all scratch-made to a high-standard and with setvars that are made to make them look tatty and well-used. All these repaints come 'genericised' to fit in with any UK map that you wish to use these buses on, and all these repaints include accurate-as-can-be legal lettering and other minor details, using references found on the internet, on relevant bus models, and from other VirtualBus members.

Please note that this repaint requires the installation of a part of seppdemba's London Transport repaint, linked in the 'dependencies' section above. Follow the installation instructions in the readme carefully to correctly install the interiors.

I don't plan on adding any other repaints to this pack, but I intend to maintain support for it in case any glaring issues are discovered, or in the case that I figure something out such as how to make my own custom interiors and static models for this bus, so be sure to stay tuned for further updates!

Interested in having local variants for either your map or for your own private use? Please, don't hesitate to contact me by DMs either here or on the VB Discord.

  • Original Farthington Fleetline by FF1370, Whistlehead
  • References for repaints by various Flickr users, model creators, Arriva and First corporate identity guidelines
  • Dashboard, other interior files by seppdemba
  • Arriva logos by DJ98
  • Liveries by Hullian111

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