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London Citybus 400 - Arriva North West MPTE 2019

London Citybus 400 - Arriva North West MPTE 2019 1.0

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Arriva North West MPTE 2019 - 4590 (SL64JDO).
Version 1.0



This livery is based upon the Arriva North West & Wales ADL Enviro400 with the fleet number of 4590 and registration of SL64JDO. The livery was added to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive. 1969 - 2019.

This vehicle is based at Arriva's Green Lane Depot, Liverpool.
This vehicle, with another 10, was purchased back in 2014 for the route 10B.
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Later that year more were purchased for key routes and depots across Merseyside.
Garages included:
St Helens - 26
Green Lane - 46
Speke - 30
Bootle - 16
Southport - 9

At the moment, the vehicle has been to Speke and is currently at St Helen's as it tours the former MPTE garages.



to install the repaint pack simply drag the folder and the .cti into your repaint folder
in the "Livery_R" folder of the "London Citybus 400" folder:

OMSI 2 > Vehicles >London Citybus 400 > texture > Livery_R (Insert the "KK294" folder in here)

PLEASE DO NOT put the .cti file into the "KK294" folder please put it in the "Livery_R" folder as the repaint will not work If you put the .cti file inside the "KK294" folder



Bus: Original model Developer- Rhys McCollin/UKDT.
Detailed Template: Roadhog123


This repaint was uploaded to and, but you can also find the repaint link on Facebook/The National OMSI so if you find this repaint anywhere else except the two places above please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by KK294
thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

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