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Lothian Buses Repaint Pack for the Masterbus Gen 3 Pack

Lothian Buses Repaint Pack for the Masterbus Gen 3 Pack 1.12

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Thanks for downloading V1.12 of the Lothian Buses Repaint Pack for the Masterbus Gen 3 Pack (Link: OMSI 2 Add-On Masterbus Gen 3 Pack on Steam).

I have done my best to recreate these livery as best as I can to OMSI 2. As someone who lives in Edinburgh and travels onboard them almost every day, I think I have done a decent job. Let me know your opinions in the reviews.
We have a lot of variants. In this Repaint Pack we have:

Stealth Gemini 3 B5TL 11.5m

Lothian Buses Default
(Normal Fleet of the Future livery, the livery Lothian is most known for)
Lothian Buses 2020 Revised (In 2020, Lothian have done a mini change removing some of the gold stripes to the livery. This is what this variant recreates. None of these vehicles have this livery right now but may recieve it in future.)
Lothian Buses Chameleon Bus (In 2017, a few months after new Gemini 3's were introduced on the route 26, brand new zoo branding was placed on the buses. The first two were branded as the "Chameleon Bus" which is what this livery recreates).
Lothian Buses Ex-Airlink (In 2015, Lothian purchased many Gemini 3's for Airlink. 2 Years later these got replaced, with half moving to Lothian's main fleet, and have moving to the Skylink fleet).
Skylink Light Blue (In 2019, Lothian purchased E400 XLB's for Airlink. These buses have to be replaced every 2 years due to their contract rules. The buses previously purchased moved to the Skylink fleet.)
Skylink Dark Blue (This repaint is based off the other half of buses I mentioned earlier. See "Lothian Buses Ex-Airlink" for more details.)
East Coast Buses (In 2018 Lothian purchased 16 buses. 8 went to the main fleet and the other 8 went to East Coast Buses to replace older vehicles. This is what this variant recreates).
Airlink 2017 (In 2017 new buses were purchased for the Airlink 100 route, replacing 2 year old Gemini 3's previously operated. These buses ran for another two years before moving to Skylink services 200, 300 & 400.)
Airlink Spare (In 2017, before the new buses were announced, bus 427 got a testing livery with blue vynils on the side for branding instead of what was white on the new buses. Once the new buses were introduced, this bus remained in the Airlink fleet for a few months before moving back to the main Lothian Fleet.)

Stealth Gemini 3 B5LH 11.5m

Note: The length of the repaints has been changed since this photo was taken: All Variants are now 11.5m instead of 10.5m. I did test all variants before updating.

The LD Int Moudlings B5LH textures don't appear on the 11.5 variant, I have reported this. It did work on the old 10.5m variants that I have now removed. It is in the .CTI file and named correctly.

Lothian Buses Default (Originally these vehicles were purchased for Skylink services, to run alongside their B5TL Ex-Airlink from 2015 buses. In 2019, these buses moved to the main fleet or Lothian Country after the Ex-Airlink Gemini 3's from 2017 moved to Skylink).
Lothian Buses 2020 Revised (See similar repaint for B5TL above for details).
Lothian Buses White: Ex-Skylink from 2017 (This repaint is based of 571 - 574 at the start of 2019, when they came back from temporary runs for Lothian Country. These vehicles were white and had Lothian Logo's fitted. These vehicles then returned to Lothian Country (with Lothian Logo's) for more temporary runs before permanently moving to Lothian Country).
Lothian Buses White: Bus 551 between advertisements (Bus 551 is a bus in Edinburgh known for wearing Poppy and christmas wraps, however, between these wraps it runs white with logo's from either Lothian or Lothian Country. It is currently (at the time of writing) in a poppy livery.
Lothian Buses Old Livery: Old Logo's (This repaint is based of buses 551 - 570 when they were first brought into service. This variant has the older Lothian Livery and interior.)
Lothian Buses Old Livery: New Logo's (Similar to above repaint, except buses 552 - 570 recieved the newer "Lothian" Logo replacing the "Lothian Buses" logo. This recreates the livery, and is how they currently look in real life).
Lothian Buses Pride Bus (For the first time, in 2019, Lothian has produced a Pride Bus. Bus 584 was wrapped and received a special raindow effect livery. Over 1 year later, it still carries this wrap. Under the wrap it still carries the Skylink Livery).
Lothian Country (As mentioned above, some B5LH vehicles moved from Skylink to either Lothian or Lothian Country (with some leaving earlier). This repaint is based off the vehicles after they were painted into the Lothian Country livery).
Lothian Country White: Ex-Skylink (This is the livery buses 571 and 574 wore before being painted into Lothian Country livery).
Lothian Country White: Bus 551 between advertisements (Read "Lothian Buses White: Bus 551 between advertisements" above for more details. This is a recreation of how it would've looked with Lothian Country logo's).
Skylink (The original livery the B5LH's from 2017 came in. These were repainted to either Lothian Buses or Lothian Country liveries later on in life).

I will try to recreate the Poppy Livery 551 is in for a future update.

Pre-Facelift Gemini 3 B5TL 11.5m

Note: The Volvo logo's have been removed since this photo was taken, as these vehicles do not have the Volvo logo IRL. The length of the repaints has been changed since this photo was taken: All Variants are now 11.5m instead of 10.5m. I did test all variants before updating.

Lothian Buses Default (Recreates the livery currently worn by most of these vehicles in the fleet. They are in the FOTF Livery introduced at the end of 2016. Each vehicle was wrapped with some advertisement before getting this livery).
Lothian Buses 2020 Revised (The current livery bus 420 wears IRL. See Lothian Buses 2020 Revised for the Stealth Gemini 3 B5TL 10.5m for more details)
Lothian Buses Old Livery: Old Logos (Recreates the livery these buses wore when introduced to service in 2014).
Lothian Buses Old Livery: New Logos (Based of the current liveries Buses 422 - 425 (at the time of writing) wear. The old livery on these vehicles will soon be fully removed).

Expect some tour bus liveries coming soon!

Make sure to read the READ ME on how to install and drive these vehicles. It will also explain where to find them

I hope you enjoy these repaints that I have developed for you all. Thanks for downloading and I hope you have fun!
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4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

A lovely large collection of varied and great quality repaints.
Thanks. I have uploaded an update to patch some mini bugs, but for some reason it's still pending. Get ready!
For what you've done so far its excellent. The repaints look as they should and I haven't had any bugs, my only criticism would be that I would like to see full length variants as they are IRL. The shorter wheel base makes it feel a little bit more fictional and not like you're driving the real thing as much.
Hello! As the update for the length of the variants has finally been accepted, would you mind re-reviewing the pack? Thanks :)
Tried to download on but the adblocker issue i can't do anything about. So glad to get this here. Thank you very much!
No worries! Glad you like it! Expect new variants very soon!
Very high quality! Also, I know your roblox name I think...
Thanks for the positive review! Stay tuned for future updates!
Lovely pack. Great, high-quality repaints, thanks for sharing! :D
Thank you for the very positive response!