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Lothian City and Airlink Repaint Pack for the Studio Polygon 400 MMC

Lothian City and Airlink Repaint Pack for the Studio Polygon 400 MMC V1.04

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Required Assets
Studio Polygon 400 MMC Pack:
Hello, thanks for viewing this repaint pack!
This is a semi-fictional repaint based of the Lothiancity livery used on Lothian's E400 XLB's.

I hope you enjoy driving it!

How to Install:
1) Open the zip archive in Windows Explorer/My Computer. Holding the left mouse button, drag a box around all the folder(s) within it (there should be one called "Vehicles") so they are highlighted, then right click and select copy from the pop-up menu.

2) Open a new My Computer window and navigate in to your OMSI root directory. Right click and select "Paste" from the pop-up menu. Take care not to paste into one of the other folders on screen. Your OMSI root directory is most likely:
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
b. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2

3) You should see one or more pop-up windows requesting permission to merge/overwrite existing files and folders. You should select "Replace All", "Yes to all", "Yes, do this for all current items" or similar. If you aren't asked, you have pasted the files to the wrong location and need to redo step 2.

4) You will find the repaint listed in OMSI 2's bus selection menu under Manufacturer: [DLC] Studio Polygon, Type: 400MMC 11.5 DD Voith or 400MMC 11.5 DD ZF and Appearance: LothianCity. If you can't see it in OMSI, please check you have all the required dependencies installed properly and redo installation from step 1 above, before requesting support. If you spot any bugs, before reporting please check they haven't already been reported on the file's Fellowsfilm or Virtualhub's support thread.

NOTE: Some interior parts are incorrect as it is just the bus comes, there is no setvar to remove the glass behind the stairs or change the colour of the yellow steps. If the Leaflet Holder doesn't come up, there is likely an issue with the bus iteself.

If you have any questions, find any problems or have suggestions, please let me know! :)
Enjoy and check out my other repaints!
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