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[MS] Hanover for V3D's B7TL ALX400

[MS] Hanover for V3D's B7TL ALX400 1.3

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Required Assets -
This mod adds the Hanover displays from the MS Gen 3 Pack to V3D's Volvo B7TL

Originally created and uploaded by BlueOrange, updated by DJ98 with compatibility fixes.

First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Restoring Compatibility

    Hey all! This is just a quick fix to restore compatibility with the base MS Hanover from the G3...
  2. Fixes for new MS Hanover

    Just a small update to fix the mod, so that it supports the new version of MS Hanover. Thanks...
  3. Fixed 215hp variant

    This version fixes the 215hp variant - it was referencing the wrong scripts

Latest reviews

A great mod that makes the B7TL more realistic. Out of interest, are there any plans to make a similar mod for danielc2525's MAN A21 RHD?
I don't plan on doing one for that I'm afraid. It doesn't get used much these days, and I don't feel like it's up to quality anymore. Sorry!
Fantastic mod, do you plan on doing one of these for the C200?
Yes, but I'm waiting until the London update is released, at the request of the dev.
It is a great mod, makes it more realistic, but how do you get the side destination to be bold like it the screenshot.
That screenshot is quite old, taken back before the G3 update, when bold was the default I believe. You can make custom bitmaps to get any style you want though, there is a guide that I made on the Masterswitch website.
Its a good mod but I seem to have an issue where passengers do not board. But its still a great addition. :)
Make sure you're using the correct hof file for the map, that's likely the issue.
Absolutely excellent, thanks for much for making this Mod! Any plans to do same for the Trident?
Maybe! I'm focusing on v1.1 of the Gen 3 Pack for the time being, though other mods may come out soonish, it depends.
makes the bus just that little better
Absolutely amazing addition to the bus. Thank you!
Thanks Myles. Regards, the Kyle Replacement Dan Service.