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[ono] Arriva 310 Repaint for Masterlite 9.6m

[ono] Arriva 310 Repaint for Masterlite 9.6m 1.01

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OMSI 2 Add-On Masterlite Pack -

Bringing back another livery from the past, this time the Arriva Midlands 310 branded variant of the Interurban livery. It was worn by various Darts based out of Wednesfield depot, which has since closed and it's routes transferred to Diamond. The 310 lives on, albeit running between Wednesbury and Willenhall only. It's depicted here on the 9.6m Masterlite, due to a lack of good quality Darts.

Included is one repaint:

Masterlite 9.6m:
- Arriva 310

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Haha nice skin, i do prefer my local 310 route however [herts]
I dunno how anyone can prefer Arriva Herts to anything 😂