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[ono] Kassel Kerbs

[ono] Kassel Kerbs v1.0.2

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Required Assets
Recommended to be used with UKDT DevKit

A set of Kassel Kerbs for use with your maps, with two heights.

I would recommend to use this with the UKDT DevKit spline set, as these were built with these in mind.

The link will take you to the Github repository for the kerbs, where a readme is provided and it will be updated on there. Update notifications will still be provided in Virtual Hub.

This resource must not be a dependency.
You are free to bundle these with your maps, payware or freeware, as long as the files remain unmodified.

If you do require certain things from it, please drop me a message either here on on discord.

If there are issues with this resource, again, message me either here on on discord, or if you are a GitHub user, write an issue in the repository and I can take a look whenever I am free.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.0.2

    Releases are found on Github - Move the start pieces 1m back, to ease alignment with the kerb...
  2. v1.0.1

    Releases are found on Github - Added fixed and surface collision tags to objects