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[ono] Metroline Travel C200 Repaint Pack

[ono] Metroline Travel C200 Repaint Pack V1.04

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Required Assets
Add-On London:




An Ononoki Metroline Repaint Pack for the C200

This pack includes 8 liveries:

- Metroline Travel -
- Metroline Travel (West) (with Metroline Fabric) -
- Metroline Travel (West) (with FirstBus Fabric) -
- Metroline Travel (Blue Skirt) -
- Metroline Travel Regional -
- Metroline Travel (With COVID19 Stickers) -
- Metroline Travel (West) (with Metroline Fabric) (With COVID19 Stickers) -
- Metroline Travel (West) (with FirstBus Fabric) (With COVID19 Stickers) -

There is a choice for a 2K version of all the repaints if you feel that your Computer/PC is not very powerful
...and a choice for a 4K version of all the repaints if you feel that you Computer/PC is powerful

Enjoy :D

Please read the readme for further instructions

Please do not redistribute anything from this download without my permission otherwise further action will be taken.

If you see this download anywhere else apart from VirtualBus please tell me as soon as possible and I will take care of it.


Credits to:

Frosty (Me)



Please feel free to pm me on Discord or FellowsFilm


Made by Frosty
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Fantastic repaint.