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[ono] MS Hanover for ALX400 Trident Regional

[ono] MS Hanover for ALX400 Trident Regional 1.1

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Required Assets
TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (Regional) -
OMSI 2 Add-On Masterbus Gen 3 Pack -

Based on the B7TL modification by @BlueOrange, this mod adds the MS Studios Hanover displays to the ALX400 Trident Regional.

In order to use this modification, you will need the MS Studios Gen 3 pack installed, which is available to purchase from Aerosoft or on Steam. This is due to the modification referencing the scripts from the DLC.

The same setvar used on the G3, vis_WhiteDisplays, also works here, due to it using the same display script. Unfortunately, the blind controller inside the cab will not function with this mod, so you will have to use the UI menu to change routes. This is not something we can really fix.

This wouldn't be possible without @BlueOrange's help and support, and allowing us to use these displays and release modifications using them, so a huge thanks goes out to him and the MS team.​
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Restoring Compatibility

    Hey all! This is just a quick fix to restore compatibility with the base MS Hanover from the G3...

Latest reviews

woo good yes c400r & citaro soon™
Absolutely great mate! Totally recommend this. Much better than Krueger Displays :)
Thanks, glad you like it!