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[ono] NXWM 11 Outer Circle repaint for SP E400 MMC

[ono] NXWM 11 Outer Circle repaint for SP E400 MMC 1.2

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While Europe's longest urban bus route sadly doesn't exist in Omsi, you can now take NX's E400MMCs that are branded for the route for a drive! This download will give you an accurate recreation of the 61xx SN15 E400MMCs, based at Acocks Green, that operate the majority of services on Birmingham's Outer Circle.

This download will be updated at some point, with more variations on the NX livery, along with multiple versions of the Outer Circle branding, with the destination on the nearside changing for each.

I hope you enjoy taking it for a spin, and please let me know if there are any issues that I've missed.

- This repaint is only usable on the 10.9m version.
- It is advised to use the ZF variant if you want a realistic experience.
- Thanks to @smelly_katarina for the adverts, and @Frosty for the cab height indicator.

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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    Just a small fix, that includes the missing texture for the smart card in the drivers cab.
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Texture quality High and attention to detail.
Excellent work
Thank you DJ, very cool.