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[ono] The Londoner | Gen 3

[ono] The Londoner | Gen 3 v1.0.1

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Required Assets
Masterbus Gen 3:

Recommended add-ons:

Probably my largest collection of repaints to date, featuring almost every possibility of Gemini 3 & Streetdeck to ever see London Service, including unique examples of individual buses.

  • Arriva London
    • SW1 (Streetdeck)
    • Streetdeck Stealth
    • ex-Stagecoach B5LH Gemini 3
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth
    • HW100 (SK68 TNJ)
  • Go-Ahead London
    • WSD1 (SN64 CTV)
    • *WHV111 (BX14 TJV)
    • WVL509/510 (BF63 HDE/HDG)
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth
    • Streetdeck HEV
  • Metroline
    • B5LH Gemini 3
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth
  • RATP
    • B5LH Gemini 3
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth (London United)
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth (London Sovereign)
    • WH45252 (SK18 TKY)
  • Stagecoach
    • B5LH Gemini 3
  • Tower Transit
    • B5LH Gemini 3
    • B5LH Gemini 3 Stealth
    • Streetdeck HEV
* Please note, the BX14 TJV repaint utilises a lot of the Demonstrator (BX14 TJV) repaint for the G2.5, and thus if any textures are missing, you will need to redownload the DLC or identify the issue with BlueOrange, who will fix the base repaint (usually by pesterimg me whilst i'm at the pub lmao).

Huge thanks to @Badger for providing a couple of adverts for me to use, and @KM Omsi 2 Repaints, @Tom99962 and @DJ98 for testing this for me.

All files are © ˢᵗᵘᵈⁱᵒononoki and must not be redistributed without permission.
Original logos and designs remain the property of their original owner.
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    Changelog for v1.0.1 General Added Setvar for the Wright front badges on the Gemini 3...

Latest reviews

Could u make bubble mosquette on ratp gemini3?
I'll have to find some resources for it, but could be on the cards
Im so glad this is out, and also i can add these on the TSLP as well 10/10 and well done :D
Been waiting for this since v1.1 of the MS Gen3, You are a legend!
Looks great! I hope in a future update we can get the refurbed versions of the Metrobus B5TLs, and hopefully a Metrobus B5LH?
Could add logo variations if I get around it and I'll need some references for the B5TLs, but I'll get around it when I add some more stuff to it.