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Regional ALX400 - View Mod

Regional ALX400 - View Mod 1.0

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Required Assets
TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec):
Hi, thanks for clicking on this mod!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)

This mod adjusts the camera angle (and position) for the Regional-spec ALX400 bus.
Only for that specific bus, nothing else.
Also keep in mind that this new camera view REPLACES the old view.


  1. Unzip the ALX400 Regional View
  2. For further instructions, please refer to the ReadMe.rtf included with this download.
Extra folders titled something like "._OMSI 2" may be present due to conversion from macOS to Windows.
Please ignore these, and only use the folders with the titles: "Some Pictures", "OMSI 2" and the "ReadMe.rtf". file.
Thank you.

Mod by:
OptareSpectraStagecoach (myself)

FLHD (AKA Fulleylove) for the original London-spec version, and the initial idea.

Advice: Before asking for help in the Discussion & Support thread, please read and follow the readme that
I've included with this download. I've tried to make the installation instructions as simple and easy as possible.

Disclaimer: Please don't upload this mod or any other mods of mine anywhere else unless I've given you explicit permission to do so. Thanks for understanding.
Likes: Ecronbus
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