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[SV] Repaint Pack for Volvo B7TL ALX400

[SV] Repaint Pack for Volvo B7TL ALX400 1.1

No permission to download
Do not modify or upload these repaints elsewhere. All copyright remains with Stour Valley Repaints.
Required Assets
B7TL ALX400 -
This pack includes liveries from National Express, First, Arriva and more. It will be updated over time as I create more liveries for this bus. I hope you enjoy, please let me know if there are any issues and if there's anything you want added.


Lord Stour
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. More repaints!

    This is a small update to add the following repaints: - ex-First London - Abellio London -...
  2. Fixed!

    Fixed the download not being updated, my bad!
  3. New liveries!

    I've decided to include other stuff than National Express, so this has turned into a general...

Latest reviews

Good Repaint, on the green display, how do you put it onto the right side and not the left side
Lord Stour
Lord Stour
You need to add *NH> to the end of the first line of the display in the hof file.
love it but where did you get the orange display.
Lord Stour
Lord Stour
It comes with the bus. I've just released a mod that adds a white display though if you want that.
Great Repaints - just note that both of those links are broken now, where did you get them from?
Lord Stour
Lord Stour
The links have been updated, it's an alpha so it'll have to be updated with new links each time there's an update. V3D released it on Discord.
The repaint is excellent! Its just that the link to the Flipdot mod does not work!
Lord Stour
Lord Stour
Cheers. It looks like V3D took the flipdot mod down for some reason, I'll post my own one on here tonight as a download.