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Trent Barton repaint pack for the E200 MMC (11.5m)

Trent Barton repaint pack for the E200 MMC (11.5m) 101

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Enviro 200 MMC (
Welcome to Trentbartonland, the main area of the Trent Barton network operated by a large fleet of 300+ buses in many eye-catching colourful liveries. You can find them running around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire with the friendly team of drivers onboard.
The following repaints are designed for the Enviro 200 MMC (11.5m) which Trent Barton started ordering since 2016 and there are more to come as of 2020. Some of the buses are the 10.8m length but the repaints seen here will all be in 11.5m length so hopefully you won't see much difference.

Inside this repaint are the following (as of V1.0)
Mainline (all 3 rear variants + Travel Contactless rear)
Skylink Nottingham (+ Travel Contactless rear)
i4 (+ Travel Contactless rear)
The Cotgrave
Trent Barton spare (like 145)

And that's not all! There are more repaints to come soon.

All of the following repaints has a fully designed interior (with credit to tr673 for the flooring), TB style seating and their trademark logo on each window, the 3 sunlights above the roof and outside, the detail is as close to the real thing, just without the light up front logo of course.
The Stop-start feature is also functioned on the i4, Cotgrave and 145.

Enjoy the repaint pack from the really good bus company. Trent Barton.
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