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[W.S] London Pack for V3D's ALX400

[W.S] London Pack for V3D's ALX400 v1.03

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Required Assets
MAP (Addon London) -
BUS (Trident 2 London) -

This pack contains 12 repaints and the blinds for the drive-able routes in Addon London.

Abellio, Abellio Surrey, Armchair, Arriva "Cowhorn", Connex, First "Willowleaf", Go-Ahead London Central, London United, Metroline "High Skirt", Stagecoach "Beachball", Travel London & United Transit.
You'll find these under [W.S] [repaint name here] in the selection box.


These have been copied from real life (before PSVAR blinds) but edited to suit the map.


Other Bits
Any questions, concerns or enquiries, don't be afraid to PM me on VirtualHub or the support thread.
Do not upload/modify (unless for private use only) or claim it as your own!
Go to Whiskey .Stuffs Repaints for more of my work!
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest reviews

The blinds are really useful and the repaints are just superb. 5 stars from me.
A good thing made even better
A great pack to have! Just one thing, could we see some blinds for the AI routes too?
An awesome pack, it's nice to drive a proper bus in London
Excellent repaint pack and is perfect for the London Add-On. I will be using this pack for AI traffic and the player buses.
Awesome stuff, just what I needed!
Superb, fantastic content as usual! Thank you W.S!
You owe me some new underwear.
Omg Whiskey.Stuffs this is so sick, 10/10 babes :P