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Yorkshire Repaint Pack 2019

Yorkshire Repaint Pack 2019 v1.1

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Required Assets
Yorkshire Repaint Pack 2019

Included in this Pack
Coasthopper & Unigo Repaints for MS Masterbus Gen 3
Yorkshire Terrier Repaints for V3D E200MMC, Masterlite 11.5m & Masterbus Gen 3

Xpress Repaints for V3D E200MMC & Masterbus Masterlite 10.8m/11.5m




Enjoy! :)

Credits: To V3D for the E200MMC & Masterswitch for the Masterbus Gen 3 & Masterbus Masterlite

By Matty_O

First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Small Update

    Updated Xpress & Yorkshire MMC Exteriors & Interiors New B5LH & Streetdeck Coasthopper Liveries

Latest reviews

Hi Matty, Could we have an update for v1.1 of the masterbus gen 3 pack
Amazing repaints, helped me modernise my fleet at Yorkshire. Any plans to do repaints for the E400MMC?
Hey man! Great pack, just to warn you, there's an error in the cti file for the default livery on the MMC - searches for the textures in a folder called 'Yorkshire Terrier', not 'Yorkshire'

Anyone having that issue, just open the .cti file and change that.
Great pack except for the Enviro 200 MMC. The default repaint shows white and there is a typo in the xpress one. (Oakheart spelt Oaheart inside the passenger cabin.)
Nice Repaints
Just to let you know Matty_O there's a problem with the E200 MMC Yorkshire Terrier repaint, it keeps showing white and the Xpress Livery is showing properly, it doesn't make sense how the Yorkshire Terrier Repaint ain't showing?