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  1. Finardolittle

    Stagecoach repaint help

    How do I make the curve work on the stagecoach repaint??
  2. Finardolittle

    Schematics and general help

    So the V3D E200MMC is one of my favourite busses to drive on OMSI 2. I decided to have my own take on its predecessor, the ADL E200. bus myself. My only problem is, no schematics. If you have or know of any schematics that you don't mind me using then please send them. I need a schematic for...
  3. Finardolittle


    Im making a bus for omsi, can I have some help with starting up, E.G where to get templates and what to use
  4. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Updates

    Whenever something new occurs with Finardo Studios, this is where you will find it. It will be updates, new resources and announcements regarding Finardo Studios.
  5. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Help

    If you need help with anything regarding Finardo Studios then this is the place to be. Please state what you need help with and I will assist you.
  6. Finardolittle

    Livery requests

    Hello, Is anyone looking for livery making suggestions? Thanks, Finardolittle
  7. Finardolittle


    How do I make a train with 7 carriages and a cab that you need to turn on. I am gonna try make a 345 Aventra.
  8. Finardolittle

    blender help

    Hi kids I need help in blender. Thanks a ton.
  9. Finardolittle

    OMSI Misc The LAKES Connection HOF File

    Finardolittle submitted a new resource: The LAKES Connection HOF File - A beutiful HOF file for OMSI Read more about this resource...