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  1. Finardolittle

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    spring onion
  2. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Updates

    I have just noticed a bug with the SP 400MMC on The Lakes Connection where it removes the text on the Deric so it only displays the number. I will try to fix this. Also we are hiring people who are good with blender and the omsi scripting language or are happy to learn them. Alongside...
  3. Finardolittle

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    weld joint
  4. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Updates

    Version 1.3 of The Lakes Connection has been released. Including route 505 and a new destination for the 555.
  5. Finardolittle

    Hi there @iiBus, I noticed you have been liking a bunch of my resources and I thank you. I will...

    Hi there @iiBus, I noticed you have been liking a bunch of my resources and I thank you. I will be contacting you shortly regarding a few things, :)
  6. Finardolittle

    OMSI Misc The LAKES Connection HOF File

    Finardolittle updated The LAKES Connection HOF File with a new update entry: The new route Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Updates

    Whenever something new occurs with Finardo Studios, this is where you will find it. It will be updates, new resources and announcements regarding Finardo Studios.
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  9. Finardolittle

    Finardo Studios Help

    If you need help with anything regarding Finardo Studios then this is the place to be. Please state what you need help with and I will assist you.
  10. Finardolittle

    The South London Project Enviro 400 MMC

    There are some on the form.
  11. Finardolittle

    When uploading a mod, whats a "Licence"?

    Personally, I use my own license. I think thats possible.
  12. Finardolittle

    Yes @iiBus

    Yes @iiBus
  13. Finardolittle

    @JonathonLawrence_316 I cant find any.

    @JonathonLawrence_316 I cant find any.
  14. Finardolittle

    OMSI Repaints [ono] Coastliner 700 | 400MMC

    What about the standard stagecoach?
  15. Finardolittle

    OMSI Repaints [JR316] Stagecoach East Kent Scania N250UD MMC

    @JonathonLawrence_316 Idk which type it is.
  16. Finardolittle

    Bowdenham RHD

    The e400city is being made as we speak. It will be released as part of the SP 400 MMC pack already available.
  17. Finardolittle

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    Foot ball
  18. Finardolittle

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    garlic clove
  19. Finardolittle


  20. Finardolittle

    Thanks for liking my HOF.

    Thanks for liking my HOF.