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  1. lewism2018

    Arriva Pack - SP Lite V1.2 1.3

    Part of Zephyr Studios This repaint pack is made to represent some of the Arriva liveries worn by the StreetLites around the UK. Some fictional reskins are included as well as real, route branded ones. This pack includes repaints 10.8 & 11.5m variants. Some of these reskins may be more...
  2. Hullian111

    Leyland Fleetline Regional British Repaint Pack 1.0

    Ah, the late 90s-early 2000s. With the crazy era of deregulation coming to a close with the rise of privatisation, around the country, Arriva, Firstbus and Stagecoach had laid their claims on the former municipal and independent bus companies, either by buyout or bus war. And these claims are...