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Assetto Corsa

Would you be interested in seeing more racing fixtures?

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The People
Discuss the popular sim racing title here, please remember to ensure what you post fits the Community Guidelines.

Credits to Ruhisu on Reddit

Over on our Discord, we have been gauging interest in some of our members coming together to participate in some online races on this popular game. @slayrz has been kind enough to offer us a server for these races. The current plan is to hold 2 events (dates to be confirmed)

This is gonna be a 3 race event racing in some good old BTCC classics(with collisions fully allowed/encouraged). The tracks will be Brands Hatch, Donnington Park and the Snetterton 300. The cars are still TBC but @slayrz will be making a link with all the mods needed in one place.

GT3 Showdown
This will be a more serious event using GT3 cars around Spa, Laguna Seca and Paul Ricard Circuit. Again @slayrz will be making a link with all the mods needed in one place.

If all goes well and these race meetings prove popular, we may look into making them a more permanent fixture in the future :)