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[Badger's Workshop] DAF DB250LF Euro 3 Soundmod for V3D's Spectra

OMSI Vehicle Mods [Badger's Workshop] DAF DB250LF Euro 3 Soundmod for V3D's Spectra V1

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Masterswitch Studios
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The People
Badger submitted a new resource:

[Badger's Workshop] DAF DB250LF Euro 3 Soundmod for V3D's Spectra - Provides an accurate DB250LF sound update for V3D's Spectra

Hi folks, long time no see! I've decided to quickly throw together this DAF soundset. Hope Y'all enjoy!

Sounds are from Arriva's FD02UKU.

Thankyou to V3D for a wonderful DLC addon! Really enjoying it, though wanted to add a DAF Euro 3 lump!

This isn't a complete overhaul, so some sounds are not changed, but due to the current climate, I can't record any!

DAF Euro 3 Engine
Axle replacement
Indicator ticks
Gear selectors
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The People
It's not been re-modified for the latest DAFs from V3D, I think Badger is busy with Masterswitch buses. Hopefully this is reworked soon.


The People
In order for this mod to work in the updated spectra, you now need to specify which variant (Low Floor / Low Height / Standard Height, and also the destination display type only for the model file). Then you have to change these six lines of text- As I wanted mine to work in the Low Floor version with blinds, I paste the following into the .bus file:




And say I wanted it in the Standard Height with a flipdot display I will change that to this:




I hope this helps you guys use the mod :)