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Bowdenham RHD

Lord Stour

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Welcome to the official thread for the Bowdenham RHD map convert for OMSI 2!
I'm sure you're all aware of the original Bowdenham map, the latest update being V4. While a great map with a complex network of routes, it has the small issue of being a LHD map. This wasn't much of a problem back when there weren't really any UK spec vehicles to use, but nowadays with the great variety of buses that have been released, and with more great buses in development, it seems like a RHD version of this map is well overdue.

The Team

The map itself is being developed by @C0DE002, along with repaints made by myself and @Whiskey.Stuffs. There is also a small team of beta testers who will be working on ironing out any bugs and errors over the coming months.


The obvious difference between this and the original is that it has been changed to a RHD map, meaning that all of the UK spec vehicles, and the HK ones too (more on that later) can be used without issue. The operators have also been changed with this release, with services now mainly operated by Uno, National Express Yorkshire and GoAhead Yorkshire (branded as Bowden). There are also some small school runs operated by a small coach company called Tappins.


Currently, a variety of vehicles will be used for each operator, as follows;

Mercedes Benz Citaro O530
Mercedes Benz Citaro O530G
TransBus Trident ALX400

National Express Yorkshire
TransBus Trident ALX400
ADL Enviro 400
Wright StreetDeck (Coming Soon)

GoAhead Yorkshire (Bowden)
ADL Enviro 500 MMC Facelift
ADL Enviro 400
Scania N230UD Enviro 400
TransBus Trident ALX 400
Mercedes Benz Citaro O530

To Be Updated

The part that you've all been waiting for, here are some screenshots of the map and the buses. There will be more posted in this thread as the map progresses.








Please remember that this is a Work In Progress and all things shown in screenshots are subject to changes.

Updates will also be posted on the group Facebook page.
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Lord Stour

Lord Stour

West Midlands Veg
The Peace Keepers
The Modding Union
The Painting Union
The People
Looks great! I remember someone else taking on this project a while ago but hasn't posted an updated in a while, believe it was someone called "DIVA". Looking forward to this.
Yep, it's still Cal who's working on the actual map, the same person as before.


The People
The next route 601 has now been rebranded as The Bowdenham Way

It will have 2 routes
Aplsey Station - Garston Manor via Bus station, Hospital, Bowdenham, Winterbourne & Wotton

Fobbingham Green - Garston Manor via Winterbourne & Wotton

Together they run every 30 mins will bring a bus service between Fobbingham Green & Garston every 15 mins

Operated by uno from Wotton Depot

Next up for rebranding is the 614/644 known as the Comet



The People
I apologize for the lack of updates here but I forgot this existed

To give you an updates of the map at its current stage

I am currently placing Custom Junctions in Apsley & other places along the map to allow the traffic to flow better

With National Express taking over service from Stagecoach out of Apsley depot have decided to step up the competition by directly competiting with independent operator Uno as well as Go Ahead as a result Uno & Go ahead have also hit back with service changes as detailed below

1 Wotton - Apsley Direct via Winterbourne & Bowdenham
This service is being extended to Atlas retail park giving new connections to the retail park every 30 mins

2 Wotton - Apsley via Winterbourne House & Bowdenham Lincoln Road every 30 mins
This service is being extended to Oakwood Green

3 Wotton - Apsley via Monkton, Winterbourne, Wyst, Barton & Heston every 30 mins
The 3 is now terminating at the bus station rather then the rail station

10 Hockley - Hospital every hour
This service is being extended to Fobbingham Green giving connections from Bowdenham Wessex Crescent & Fobbingham to the Hospital

10a Fobbingham Green - Herefield Fast every hour
New service bringing a fast & direct link between Fobbingham Green & Herefield connections are available from the 10 to 10a at Fobbingham Green

10b Fobbingham Green - Herefield via Monkton & Three Fountains every hour
New service between Fobbingham Green & Herefield giving a quick link to the Retail park at Three Fountains connections are available from the 10 to 10B at Fobbingham Green

14 Hemel Estate - Three Fountains Via Apsley, Bowdenham & Winterbourne every 30 mins
A new service bringing connections to the shopping centre in three Fountains

35 Three Fountains - Apsley via Monkton, Winterbourne, Bowdenham & Apsley every hour
New service

44 Apsley - Three Fountains every hour
A new service bring a fast & direct service to Three Fountains shopping centre

53 Oakwood Green - Three Fountains Via Apsley, Birch Estate, Heathpark Estate, Bowdenham, Winterbourne, Monkton, Wotton & Three Fountains every 20 mins
Our new circular service between Apsley & Three Fountains

601 Bowdenway Garston Manor - Apsley via Wotton, Winterbourne & Bowdenham, every 30 mins
We have withdrawn our Garston - Fobbingham service now all service terminate at Apsley as a result we have up our frequency to every 30 mins

602 Apsley - Wotton via Winterbourne & Bowdenham
The 602 will now run direct between Wotton & Winterbourne & also terminate at the bus station

603 Wotton - Birch Estate via Monkton, Winterbourne, Wyst, Barton & Heston
A new service bringing back the connection between Barton & Birch Estate

610 Dragonfly Apsley - Herefield via Hockley, Bowdenham & Fobbingham Green
We will now serve Hockley Estate

No change to 611/612 Dragonfly

The Comet 614/644 Apsley - Knockhill
No change to these services

No changes to the 635 & 653 Tigermoth

Go Ahead have yet to announce changes however they will be new services coming soon

I am currently on holidays so i can't do any work atm but in will try & get back to work when i get back on the 15th