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Bowdenham RHD


The People

Update for July 8th/7th was a Semi Big one

Work Started today on the Three Fountains Area i will post a map of the current plan

Firstly i am hoping to release the map at the End of the Month this is the date im setting for myself & i am working to this Date of a Release by August 2019

Secondly This is the confirmed Routes/Frequency's for UNO/National Express, Go Ahead is currently being reviewed & i will updated in Due Course

1/601 Atlas Retail Park/Garston Manor - Apsley Station Mondays - Sundays every 30 mins 24HR

2/602 Wotton High Street - Oakwood Green/Apsley Bus Station Monday - Sundays every 30 mins 0500 - 2300

3/603 Wotton High Street - Apsley Railway Station/Birch Estate Monday - Saturday every 60 mins 0600 - 2200

10/610 Hockley/Apsley Station - Fobbingham Green/Herefield Station Monday - Sunday Every 60 mins 24HR

10a/611 Fobbingham Green/Apsley Station - Herefield Station FAST Monday - Sunday Every 60 Mins 0600 - 2300

10b/612 Fobbingham Green/Apsley Station - Herefield Station Monday - Sunday Every 60 mins 0700 - 2200

14/614 Hemel Estate/Apsley Station - Three Fountains Retail Park/Knockhill Business Park (At Night the 614 terminates at Atlas Retail Park) Monday - Sunday Every 30 mins 24HR

35/635 Three Fountains Retail Park/Wotton Asda - Apsley Bus Station/Birch Estate Monday - Sunday Every 60 mins 0500 - 2300

44/644 Apsley Bus Station/Apsley Station - Three Fountain Retail Park/Knockhill Business Park (At Nigh the 644 terninates at Atlas Retail Park) Monday - Sundays Every 60 Mins 24hr

53/653 Oakwood Green/Rothford Hall - Three Fountains Retail Park/Garston Manor Monday - Sundays Every 20 Mins 0400 - 0100

Thirdly i am making repaints for the Following Vehicles to give you a Choice of Vehicle with a range of Repaints
C400R, ALX400 (All Varrients), Volvo B7TL, Volvo B9TL (All Varrients), C400R, ADL E500MMC, ADL E400MMC, E200 AAS, Citaro O530 Facelift (& G), MAN A21, MAN CitySmart, Renown, Volvo B7L, Possible the Dart as well not confirmed yet

Fourthly i will also be releasing a Bowdenham Legacy with the Original Operators First/Arriva/Stagecoach & Orignal Routes as well as Bowdenham Legacy Classsic Which will have SYT/Mainline & Sheffield Omnibus

These will all be hosted here on Virtual Bus & be Exclusivly for Virtual Bus

Thank you for bearing with me for so long



The People
Wow, great map, it's probably going to be the best RHD maps out there, I can't wait for it to be released! Is there a way that I can see all the route descriptions and frequencies?