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OMSI Repaints [Deleted] First Barbie G2Streedeck

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The People
_Montagne submitted a new resource:

First Barbie G2Streedeck - G2 First Barbie

First repaint! Literally. Please tell me your feedback!

Installation instructions included in ReadMe provided.

"First Barbie"
View attachment 4281
"First Barbie 2"
View attachment 4282
Next Version should include;
- Adverts
- First Barbie Interior (Inspired by G1 B7TL)

_Montagne - Main author who created these textures. My discord name -_Montagne#6374
leafygreens - Providing me seat textures - leafygreens#3212
Leland Hill - Adverts - W i d e A u s...
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