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PDGH Gaming2012

GNW Enthusiast 2019
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Hi my name is Phillip Humphreys PDGH Gaming

The reason I Like buses is because my uncle used to drive them and ever since I loved buses I am from Manchester am 23 Years Old and would like to drive beses in real life in the future thanks for letting me join

The British Gamer

The British Gamer
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Hey guys! I am Myles W, (second name Wilson) You may recognise me from Fellowsfilm Network, I'm the guy with over 400 posts.
I first heard of this forum yesterday and I can't wait to post stuff here, I do repaints, I like Stagecoach, I LOVE buses and want to drive one when I’m in me 20’s. That’s is, have a goodnight!
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I repaint Fleetlines now.
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My name is Hullian111, from Hull, with a... subjective sense of humour. I tried... and failed to make the 56 from ASDA Bilton to Paragon Interchange - one day, I'll be much better at what I do for OMSI.


Some angry birds pig looking thing with a sparkler
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I'm some Fat Guy From London Who Likes Swimming and making My Map Radington.


West Midlands Veg
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Oh uh, I just realised that I never posted in here at all. Here goes nothing!

I'm Dan, I've been around on the Discord server for a while now and I'm also one of those folk with a fancy green name now. I've been around simulator games for a good while, starting with MM2 stuff many years ago, and I've been doing Omsi stuff since we were all just using UK liveries on the stock buses on Spandau. I've had a sometimes unhealthy obsession with transport stuff since I was a little kid, when I'd play with a Hornby set and go out on adventures with family on the trains. I live in the West Midlands so naturally I mainly produce WM related things, including a decent amount of repaints. In the real world, I'm a graphic design student, although I probably do spend more time doing Omsi related things.

I look forward to speaking with more people on here, and hopefully you don't get too annoyed with the amount of West Midlands related content that I've got in the works. ;)