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Hey Dudes And Girls, I'm Aaron ITS A11 On Fellowsfilm, From East London, Where Every Bus In Existence Has Been Replaced By Bloody Routemasters, Got OMSI 2 Last Summer For My Birthday And Joined VB On December But FF In November. I'm Not A Spotter Or Anything Like That But I Love Fish, Enviro 200MMC's Along With E400H City's And I Hate School

I Have A Youtube Channel Where I Upload Fortnite And WWE 2K19 Videos----
Plz Sub And Yh Thanks.. ITS A11/Fisho

Games UK

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hi I am Games UK and I am a gamer and I love playing simulation games also like playing GTA V also love attending events like the bus rallies and running days around the countryI have played on the omsi 1 for many years then OMSI 2 came out and then I got it also my channel name has changed like my channel used to be called omsi buses UK


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Well hi, my name is A8K Gaming. Ik the profile name says "knowitall2016" but that used to be my youtube name. I have 6 youtube channels and they are based on what I like. Here are the channels:

A8K Productions
A8K Gaming
A8K Buses
A8K Photography
A8K Top 10


Founder of COSMIC paints | O-Zone fan | Scania fan
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Hey all! I’m Ecron, but you may know me as some other names,
As you may imagine, I like buses ( :p ), but I also have a mild uninformed interest on aviation too.
I currently reside in England, where the best buses are! Brighton & Hove (as well as MetroBus which is the same company but is also not - story for later) are by far the best company!
My favourite buses are Scanias, but I suppose I’m a bit bias having them run around me for almost 20+ years now!
Scania N112 to N94, all the way to N270!! K230 are cool too! :D

Anyway, the stuff you may care about:
I founded a small repaint brand named “COSMIC paints”, which although I run solo, is working with my two fellow development teams, NovaLine (I also named, see a pattern? 😅) and TBOS!
Under TBOS, @The British Gamer has givene the delight of being able to use my COSMIC name under his repaint request section!

Have a good one,


Alex S. Transport Photos/Smelly Katarina
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Hello, I'm Alex, also known as Alex S. Transport Photos or as Smelly Katarina on social media. I mainly focus on both buses and trains for my photography hobby as well as weeb stuff and video games.