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Hi, my name is Dave and I live in Hessle, East Yorkshire. I have to admit something straight away - I'm a Train Simulator player, not a Bus Simulator player. However, there is a degree of overlap and as I am remodelling my first ever map in Trainz, I have found a need for specific buses and thought this might be the place for some advice. I am modelling Hull Paragon station in the early 1980's and if you know Hull, you will know that the Bus station was next door, so I'm modelling that as well. I have need for both Hull Corporation and East Yorkshire buses from that timeframe - the Corporation buses in Blue / White and the EY in NBC Poppy Red. Neither are available ready to run on the Trainz DLS, but I wondered if there is any crossover between Trainz and the Bus Simulators? Or has Lockdown finally frazzled my brains??o_O


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Hi, my names Adam, im from Leigh,Lancashire,UK and love anything to do with buses and transport in general! I've only had OMSI 2 for a few months now but i'm absolutely addicted!

My favourite bus is the short wheelbase ADL Enviro 200 "classic" :)


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I'm Andy and I work on the railway for Northern but have a very keen interest in buses. Grew up in Wigan travelling on Ribble and North Western Leyland Nationals,Bristol VRs, Leyland Atlanteans and other classics.....Those were great days. I love playing OMSI and have looked into what it takes to create a map but it's far to hard for me! Massive Bus Vannin fan and my favourite bus is the Gemini 2.
Hello! I am Keith Mitchell from Swanage. I am very new to Omsi 2 just getting used to it. I am really looking forward to the Swanage area bus map coming out soon. I like all types of buses, but would like to see some of the classic buses released, such as the Bristol VR, RE, FLF, and a UK style Alexander or MCW body put on the excellent CMB Fleetline. I love to chat, so you are welcome to find me on Facebook.