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Jelly Roll

The People
Hi I'm Oscar!
I'm passionate about simulators, my favourite of which being omsi 2. I also have a YouTube channel under the name Jelly Roll Gamer, it'd be cool if you guys would check it out, however unfortunately due to my awful PC I've had to turn to my ps4 for videos, which means I've been making red dead redemption 2 and little nightmares content generally. Mye end goal however is to turn to simulation so stick around for that. I'm also a big fan (and bit of a nerd) for star wars mainly, and other various sci-fi media. I can also play the piano. The Beatles being my current favourite artist/ artists. I'm also an avid car enthusiast, and fan of top gear/ grand tour. I'm 14. That's pretty much it to be honest...


The People
Hi I'm Karol!

I live in the North West and my favourite buses are Enviros 200MMC & 400 MMC, also Citaros, Volvos, Scanias and etc. I'm bus-spotter from Lancashire and I would like to ask the administration to confirm myself on that forum as because I'm passionated to playing of OMSI 2 and ETS 2.