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[JN] Oxford Bus Co. Gen 3 Mini Repaint Pack

OMSI Repaints [JN] Oxford Bus Co. Gen 3 Mini Repaint Pack V1.0

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JONESS submitted a new resource:

[JN] Oxford Bus Co. Gen 3 Mini Repaint Pack - A quaple of colors from the rainbow of OBC's fleet...

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And another mini pack cause why not. Anywho, this has four of the liveries' from OBC's rather bright fleet, from the newest X3 livery to the classic Gemini 2 City 2 and City Pride liveries.

All done to a high quality; probably could do with updating window textures at some point and maybe the Gen 2 floors, but otherwise is pretty good.

If there's anything else, just pop a message @JONESS_des on twitter cause I'm...​
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