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[ono] uno Wright Streetlite Pack

OMSI Repaints [ono] uno Wright Streetlite Pack 1.1

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The People
C0DE002 submitted a new resource:

[ono] uno Wright Streetlite Pack - uno repaint pack for the Studio Polygon

A repaint pack with recreates a number of the uno streetlites from 2017/2018 during the UH Clearing ad

View attachment 3944

UH 2017 Ad
WS51, WS52, WS54 & WS55
View attachment 3935
View attachment 3936
View attachment 3938
View attachment 3939

UH 2018 Ad
View attachment 3940

Normal Advert
View attachment 3941

No Fleet number
UH 2017 Rear Ad
View attachment 3942
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