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Masterswitch Studios
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Busy times at MS atm! we're working round the clock! I'm still working 50/60 hours a week during this pandemic, so in the little spare time I get, I'm polishing sounds up for the 1.1 update of the G3 pack. An all new B5LH soundset has been recorded, to increase the already realistic feel of this pack.



Automatic For
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"Well... well, you just knew that was gonna happen."

Of course, still heavily WIP, but you get the point. Still in need of X46 side logos (for this bus at least), some areas need fixing, some other small logos need placing, and the issue of the lack of a central ADL badge needs addressing, and then hopefully, it'll be onto a full interior. And then I'll have to do 795. And that one looks a lot more complicated than this.

UPDATE: This just keeps getting better and better.
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The Lothian Guy
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Currently in the process of updating my Lothian repaint pack for the Gemini 3. Update will include many corrections from the first version of the pack and also a few new special liveries.



From Edinburgh. Lothian Buses Crazy.
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So theres a youtube channel that im a fan of and its about to hit 300 subs... this side dest has been in the garage today! :D
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Is it FP's Transport Vids? If not sorry for your time, thats a channel I know also about to hit 300 subs.