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Just checking this thread and I think i’ll be hanging out here, I’ve been about downloading repaints; and I like the WIP I see on this thread, thought i’d make a post of my work here from now on.

I’m doing this initially for myself as I don’t know ; but it’s nice to be comfortable now in the editor. No DEM, so hills are done by hand. First photo is between the Reservoirs, and the last one is in game at Chingford Station.

Below is Kings Head Hill towards Chingford.

The route is the 313 from Chingford to Potters Bar so London to Hertfordshire



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Ah... nobody's posted here in a bit.

But regardless! I finally had a spin on Addon London earlier that ended in utter calamity, although it has inspired me to open up the C200 repaint to see how it works.

And though this isn't the complete repaint... at last.

I am well and truly ready to go with doing a repaint when the time is right, although I will be waiting on any word to do with a regional variant of the various lengths of C200. From there on out, if regional variants happen, I will commence a repaint pack for the hypothetical C200R as soon as I possibly can.

But for now, I'm willing to wait for it.


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On the topic of the C200, I finally got around to recreating the second generation of the Nuneaton 48 branding! Now all that's left to do is the livery on a dart, if one eventually releases for OMSI.

and I also made these Hornsby's repaints (for personal use as AI), for the 10.2m Lite!


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About 24 hours on from the vehicle's official launch up at Beverley Wednesday Market, I'm taking my first dip into the strange new world of the 2019 East Yorkshire liveries. Yes, I know the fonts are wrong, but that's all I can cope with for now. With thanks to Woodling 7163 for the rear ad. Now it's just the interior to do, then with that, providing I can make a standard livery variant, MMC pack update 1.2 is coming soon!