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UK HOF files (QS)


Owner of Arriva Buses UK VBC
The People
Yeah I know it's not, I just think downloads are the best way to see if people are interested in your work, I'll continue updating it.
Some people think different ways - I like to think that if I make loads for different areas, people will download as its their local area. Lets say someone from Manchester came along. He wont download the Stourbridge or Stagecoach West as its a completely different area. But if we did a Manchester one, he would download it. So you can update your recent ones, but I think its better to do loads. Get what I mean?


The People
Hi there :)

I was wondering if you could make this hof

Burnley HOF

The WitchWay
Not In Service
M1 Accrington
M1 Hapton
M1 Burnley
M2 Clitheroe
M2 Padiham Town Hall
M2 Burnley
M3 Trawden
M3 Burnley
M4 Keighley
M4 Burnley
M5 Barnoldswick
M5 Colne
M5 Burnley
1 Stoops
1 Burnley
2 Higherford
2 Burnley
3 Pike Hill
3 Burnley
4 Worsthorne
4 Burnley
5 Harle Syke
5 Rosegrove
5 Burnley
9 Accrington
9 Burnley
V1 Boohoo
V1 Padiham
V3 Colne
V3 Boohoo
X43 Manchester
X43 Burnley
X43 Skipton
X43 Colne
X43 Manchester Fast
X43 Burnley Fast
X43 Skipton Fast

Thanks :)
Funny you should mention that! I'm working on a complete Transdev HOF as we speak.


The People
Oh come on guys, its all me! Get involved and ask whats dests you want. I'm currently finalising the Stourbridge HOF - it should be out tomorrow. Also, its the 1 to East Canterbury ALDO. "You what?" your all thinking??? Thats right, the ROBLOX HOF files are coming soon. These will be separate HOF files in one WinRAR file!
Maps included:
Hettingthorpe (I miss SIEM)
Bridgetown (Thats my unfinished game!)
Ostend County
Updates might be a handful, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
Are you aware that the owner of SIEM was homophobic to me?
I've just put in a request for Arriva Yorkshire HOF. Is the requesting still going on or has it been stopped. The routes ive requested are routes that i use to travel on alot so it would be nice to have a HOF for.