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The Prime Minister 🍪
The People
Hi all,

I'd just like to take a moment to give everyone an update on the forum and what's going on. Fear not, it's definitely not dead, and we do have some exciting things we'd like to put into place over the coming months. @BlueOrange and I have been working over the last few days to migrate our Forum over to a newer, higher-spec, more cost-effective server that should result in some real-world benefits for you, the user. This includes;
  • Improved loading times on desktop and mobile (great for those on cellular networks)
  • Faster downloading of resources
  • Larger limit on resource uploads (I believe the limit from our hosting provider beforehand was around 50-100MB, now at 512MB)
We are still ironing some teething problems out as we have had to reimport the data from the old server onto a new install (to help deal with some bugs). As we have moved to a new server, you may find the website goes offline occasionally, this is normal, it's just your ISP not knowing how to handle how awesome we are. However, if you do spot any problems, feel free to let us know here. Alternatively, contact me or @BlueOrange on Discord and we will do our best to get the issues resolved.

Cheers, all! :)