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Yorkshire Repaint Pack 2019

OMSI Repaints Yorkshire Repaint Pack 2019 V1.0

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The People


The People
great repaint pack but E200 MMC repaint shows up in white for some strange reason other then that all the repaints are perfect


Ticketer Master
The People
I love this pack but have a problem with both the E200MMCs repaints. Firstly, the normal one shows as pure white and the xpress one has a very annoying typo inside the passenger cabin by the lights. Instead of saying Oakheart it says Oaheart. Apart from that great pack!

The British Gamer

Myles W
The Modding Union
The Painting Union
The People
You will have to ask whiskey.stuffs as he makes the yorkshire terrier repaints. Unless you want to ask the maker of the Yorkshire Terrier 2019 packs to make one for it.
I know it’s sort of low advertising in someone else’s thread (and I am sorry about that), but I’m working on a Yorkshire Terrier pack for the buses that weren’t given the livery by Whiskey, such as the ALX...


The People
I have updated the AI list to include the repaints but half way through the masterdeck repaints appear white. Checked log and it says the textures have failed.